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Polartec Rastatopper

Polartec Rastatoppers

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Here are our Rastatoppers. in sweet variations. There are 2 types.

  • Shaggie Rastatoppers, (see 1st photo: Pink cap as an example)

  • Original Fleece Rastatoppers ( see the Gray cap with Woodsy Mix)

Shaggie rastas have these choice of toppers & we make variations with them

Cream . Deep Red . Yellow . Periwinkle Blue . Fuscia . Eggplant . Mocha . Pink . Medium Brown

Original Fleece Topper Rastatoppers have endless combinations because we have over 30 colors and here are our favorite mixes.

  • Woodsy Mix on any color cap

  • Woodsy Mix - Girl : we add a Pomegranate or Fuscia strip and it pops!

  • Multi-boy - Primary Colors, plus Gray maybe on any color cap

  • Pinks & Purple on a Fuscia Cap, Lavendar, or purple polartec cap.

see also our Organic Rastatopper pull-ons


Small - 2m to 5m

Medium - 6m to 12m.

Large 10m to 18m approx

XL - 10m to 24m approx

when in doubt go a size larger. these have a slouchy fit.

Rasta cap color & Shaggie or Fleece top color:
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